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Shachar Shemesh wine-users at
Fri Nov 21 07:24:48 CST 2003

Alan Bort wrote:

>Install windows.
>Both, Kazaa (and KazaaLite) and Half Life use way too much CPU. It
>sometimes slows down on a PIV 2.0GHz. (Note: I don't use HalfLife, nor
>Kazaa, but a friend does and I saw this problem in his PC). Usually the
>best thing to do is to shut down the kazaa... or use nice to give it a
>lower priority (never tried that, but perhaps it works).
>Have fun trying.
If you are going to use "nice", make sure you run the wineserver 
manually before starting Kaza. Otherwise, wineserver will also get 
niced, and halflife is likely to also suffer.


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