loading a dll in linux

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Fri Nov 21 09:16:25 CST 2003

	I'm trying to load a windows DLL file in Linux, so that I can call
some of it's functions. I couldn't find any docs that start with a win.dll
and end with a fully compiled win.so wrapper. So here's my attempt so far.

Starting simple, I'm just trying to call 1 function, so my specfile looks

## specfile
@ stdcall GetExtensionVersion ()

and I'm doing this

winebuild --spec=win.spec > win.c

gcc win.c -o win.so -lwine -shared

To test the result, I have small program which just does a dlopen and I get

./dlopen ./eware.o
error: ./eware.o: undefined symbol: GetExtensionVersion

What am I missing? Any help appreciated,


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