Help w/ Windows app trying to lauch HTTP command

Kai OM epimetreus at
Thu Nov 27 15:16:57 CST 2003

I'm trying to install Planetside for the PC, which I have heard can be
done with the right amount of "negotiation" with the host system.

At the moment, what's stopping me is that when I launch the executable,
it tries to launch a browser (Internet Explorer, I think) with the trial
registration URL. Since I'm using Gnome/Wine, this fails. I tried making
sure all the mime-types and the default browser were set to the proper
command and such, but apparently it's looking for a specific app, or
possibly trying to launch it through the Windows "run" interface?

Either way, it gives me the error "could not execute command:
http://www.blabbla..." then quits regardless of what I do -- is there any
way I can circumvent this issue?

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