Running Wine apps via Cron

Ed Leafe ed at
Thu Oct 2 10:07:20 CDT 2003

	I need to be able to launch a Windows app at a regular interval - a 
perfect candidate for cron, I thought. The app runs perfectly when I 
issue the command from a shell, but fails without a trace when launched 
via cron using the exact same command.

	I have DISPLAY=:0:0 at the top of the cron file, and if I were to 
change the command to launch a KDE app, it runs as expected. Changing 
the "GraphicsDriver" setting in the config file to "ttydrv" doesn't 

	Is this a known limitation of Wine? Or is there some setting that I'm 
overlooking? I'm using the 20030911 release of Wine, running without 
Windows installed, on a RH8 system.

  Ed Leafe

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