Need help to print to file (eps)

Preben Randhol randhol+wine at
Fri Oct 3 10:39:38 CDT 2003

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith <puoti at> wrote on 03/10/2003 (14:54) :

> Wine doesn't have any official debian binaries, so if you're compiling
> yourself, be sure to install the cups headers first.  Wine can't load
> windows drivers, so to print wine just uses native linux drivers.

Well that is what I'm trying to do, but I get this error message.

> Currently only CUPS are supported, so you must use CUPS for your
> printer.

What do you mean? There are official debian packages. Just look here:

and I am using CUPS.

Rox-Filer, as a filemanager should be designed =>

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