Wine Networking

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Oct 8 11:09:22 CDT 2003

Darryl Luff wrote:
> ...
> Is there anything I need to do to enable the network? Would I be better 
> off using the 'fake' windows install under /usr/share/wine-c? Are there 
> any docs about on configuring networking under Wine?

In general, I would recommend using a fake windows install, of for no 
other reason than to prevent messing up the real one. Just copy over 
interesting files; mainly fonts and DLLs.

There is no configuration to be done for networking. The best thing to 
do is to first try an app that is known to work in Wine. For example, 
download a copy of WinMX. If that works, but your other apps don't, then 
there is likely a bug in Wine.

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