using a windows installation

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Wed Oct 8 13:43:36 CDT 2003

I'd be very interested in that too.

I wonder, is it possible to do this?
- You boot windows; install the application (thus creating all the
nessesary registeries and dll's).
- Reboot with linux, and run that application under wine.

I always wanted to do that and I wonder if it's possible.

It's not only about the registeries and dll's. I'm forced to use windows
from time to time so it would be nice that I can install only one copy of
the application and be able to run it in linux (and saving some disk space
in the process)

Dan Adams said:
> Well, I have an old win98 se disc. Is there a way that I could install
> that somewhere and then use that? What is the advantage to having a real
> registry? And cant you just copy over the dlls and fonts somewhere?
> On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 14:01, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
>> Use a fake one. Using a real one allows you to use original microsoft
>> dlls,
>> fonts and registry, but you can't do that if your windows os is read
>> only. Also,
>> wine only works well with windows 95/98/me, so using a fake installation
>> is the
>> best option for you.
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