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Wed Oct 8 23:54:49 CDT 2003

I have a local multifunction hp laserjet 3300 printer plugged into the parallel 
port of my computer which is also setup with cups setup on same machine im 
trying to run an application on under wine, i can print fine from any box and 
every application on the network regardless of its OS. but i cant print from 
wine on the local printer. 

multifunction devices dont get listed as /dev/lp0 they show up as 
/dev/ptal-printd which is a link as shown below.
/dev/ptal-printd -> /var/run/ptal-printd/

anyone have any clues for getting this setup to work with wine?
the application is called Accpac.
 im running wine2030911 on mandrake 9.1

i would have thought i could pipe it out to localhost:631 or something but 
nothing has worked yet.

any help would be greatly appreciated,

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