MDAC & TurboLister

James E. LaBarre jamesl at
Thu Oct 9 19:52:15 CDT 2003

I have been attempting to install eBay's TurdboLister app under Wine for 
some months now (it's one of the last apps I need to run under Wine in 
order to move my brother's computer to Linux).  TL, unfortunately, has 
nearly *all* the bad attributes to it; it requires Internyet Exploder & 
MDAC, is a newer InstallShield installer, and due to eBay's outrageous & 
perpetual fees for an app to even *use* their APIs, it is absolutely 
unfeasible to develop an OSS replacement.

I expect there's some combination of DLL overrides one could use to get 
MDAC to install, but even with "wine --debugmsg +loaddll" I still can't 
figure what it's looking for (any tutorials on *how* do interpret the 

I thought the TL installer might handle the MDAC install by itself, but 
I think it's hanging up in exactly the same place as the MDAC install 
does by itself.  That installer has a way to extract the files from the 
install package, but without knowing what registry entries it might 
need, or where it wants files, not much help there.

So what is the unpublished secret to *discovering* these undocumented 
settings?  I could put together my own HOWTO for it, once I figure that 
part out.

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