HELP!!!! Can't seem to run Wine under Mandrake 9.1/9.2

deedee deedee at
Thu Oct 9 22:23:28 CDT 2003

On Friday 10 October 2003 01:37 am, Files wrote:
> Glad to see all hope is not lost.

You should be aware that there are really two issues here. One is 
getting wine to work correctly. The other is getting whatever 
applications you care about to work satisfactorily. Just getting wine 
to work is no guarantee that your applications will work at a level 
that you can tolerate. Unfortunately.

> I've tried both the real partitiion as well as the fake one.

On a mailing list that I run (WordStar/Linux issues), another member is 
using a fake_windows partition and wine installed correctly with that 
as well.

> I've tried recompiling. I keep thinking there is a basic
> incompatibility.

Did you run the winecheck utility afterwards? I found it extremely 
helpful in identifying things that could be a problem on my system. 
Frankly, I was surprised by what was really meant by some of the 
errors. I had misunderstood some of them before running that utility.

I will try to find two posts I sent to the WSLinux list in which I go 
through the entire winecheck on my system and send them to you 
off-list, because they're kind of long (well, not kind of. They're 
really long). Critical stuff in the configuration file is identified by 
winecheck among other things.

I compiled the July version from source and that's when I found 
winecheck. Incidentally, I had no problems whatsoever in doing that 
compilation. Even at 57% correctness (of wine installation), basic 
applications like Notepad and Solitaire worked.

> Can I see a config? Would you mind? Maybe I can find something in
> there.

Sure. I'll send that as well.

> I've also noticed that the default registry files contain references
> to the \WINDOWS directory.
> I wonder if that has to be updated. Or if there is a reference I'm
> missing. I've tried changing it to my \WIN95 and it still bombs.

I found that in order to get the registry to load and work correctly, I 
had to change "SaveUpdatedKeysOnly" in config to "N" from "Y". I ran 
"regedit winedefault.reg" then. It gave me an error, but it installed a 
complete registry. I then change the "SaveUpdatedKeysOnly" back to "Y" 
and everything was fine. I want wine to write to its own registry. I 
don't want it to write to my real mswin registry.

> XWine - isn't that the same version that ships w/ TransGaming?

Nope. You're thinking of WineX. XWine is a GUI frontend where you can 
press a few buttons and configure wine to work the way you like. I have 
WPWin9 configured to run as a win98se app with a few native (meaning 
real win98se) dlls. WSWin2 (WordStar for Windows) is configured using 
all wine defaults except that it likes a win95 configuration. I 
couldn't figure out what to do before I saw what XWine did. Now, I may 
or may not bother with XWine in configuring an app, I may just open joe 
and do it directly.

> I'll try the version you spoke of. Any further information you can
> provide would be VERY much appreicated.

I'll try and find the post where the September Mandrake rpm can be 

> I'm trying to get to the point where I can use my Windoze apps w/o
> having to boot into windoze. I miss my CD Label printer, and my
> PowerDesigner. :(

One of the things I've found is that almost everything I used under 
Windows, I could find something as good or better under Linux, except 
for my beloved WordStar (both dos and windows).

Sometimes it's not a bad thing that your mswin app won't work. In the 
case of Eudora and Sidekick, I ended up finding replacements that I 
like much, much better. I fought that the whole way and then kicked 
myself that I didn't change them sooner.

Visit "WordStar & GNU/Linux"
Also, see the WordStar Users Group

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