HELP!!!! Can't seem to run Wine under Mandrake 9.1/9.2

Darryl Luff dluff at
Fri Oct 10 02:08:54 CDT 2003

deedee wrote:

>One of the things I've found is that almost everything I used under 
>Windows, I could find something as good or better under Linux, except 
>for my beloved WordStar (both dos and windows).
Using Linux apps is obviously preferable (and normally better), but a 
lot of people (like me) work for companies that have to provide 
documents to customers in formats the customer dictates. Normally Word 
for docs and Visio for drawings. In the absence of a true 'standard' 
document format that's all we have! I've tried openoffice etc but the 
docs they produce are not fully compatible. And there is nothing I've 
found to produce Visio docs.

I've tried Wine in the past but it wasn't ready. I've tried using VNC to 
a windows workstation, then was using VMWare, but now I've tried the 
20030911 version of Wine and Visio, Notes, Check Point's Policy Editor 
and Office 97 all run fine! These are the apps I need running under 
Linux so I can finally ditch my windows partition. Well done Wine 

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