0911 tarball Mandrake RPMS and stay on top

Files files at poetryunlimited.com
Sun Oct 12 12:15:17 CDT 2003


I can get the custom compiled tarball to work. Maybe there was something wrong w/ the original
Mandrake configuration via the RPMS. I don't know.

I *did* have to change the registry entries so that it wasn't looking for \\WINDOWS\\ since my
Windows directory is \\WIN95\\.

I will be trying the RPMs again (since installed all of wine into /usr/local/wine, I can  do this).

BUT, the TWO really big issues I have right now are:

The programs opened seem to be marked "Stay-On-Top" - is this because I'm running them from
XWine? Will this go away if I don't use XWine and do it straight from the destkop icons?

I can't seem to find my printer, even though the printer settings are correct in my config.

The windows program isn't seeing them. Any insight into either problem would be appreciated. :)


Shamim Islam

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