Free WineX 3.1 rpm for Red Hat Linux (And Mandrake and Suse)

Joseph Norris Joseph.Norris at
Tue Oct 14 17:27:45 CDT 2003

Nothing personal, but what the heck is going on. I thought the only 
legal way to get this file is to subscribe to website. 
If that is no longer the case, then I am sorry, but if it is, then all 
that is going on is that the process for developing winex is hurt and 
what is taken is not properly licensed.

If we are going to support the linux community and something is required 
to be paid for the please pay for it. I am not trying to blow a trumpet 
here but it takes money to develop what they are doing since they devote 
much of their time too it and I do not mean time off of work. I think 
that this is their work.


Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:

>I've finally got a WineX 3.1 rpm for Red Hat Linux 9, thanks to Marek Lipovcan
>The Mandrake and Suse rpm is obviously still there. You can download from
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