building wine on fedora core (latest consumer redhat)

Justin Georgeson jgeorgeson at
Wed Oct 15 13:39:55 CDT 2003

There was a thread earlier this month about building the source RPM for 
wine 20030911 on Fedora Core. The discussion amounted to "What is Fedora 
Core?" Suffice it to say the The consumer product Red Hat Linux is 
becomming a community maintained distribution based on Red Hat, learn 
more at

The problem was a compilation in dlls/wininet where an openssl header 
file declared some variables with kerberos data types. In Fedora Core, 
the krb5 package has moved header files from /usr/include/kerberos to 
/usr/include, and this seems to have 'broken' a few packages. I 
suggestion has been that packages not using krb5-config in their 
configure scripts will be affected. I'm looking at the spec files and 
configures script, but honestly don't know what to look for or change. 
Anyone have any ideas on how to use this information to get it building?

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