0911 tarball Mandrake RPMS and stay on top

deedee deedee at writestop.com
Thu Oct 16 16:56:40 CDT 2003

On Sunday 12 October 2003 01:15 pm, Files wrote:
> I *did* have to change the registry entries so that it wasn't looking
> for \\WINDOWS\\ since my Windows directory is \\WIN95\\.

I've gone through my registry entries, and they all say Windows even 
though my Windows directory is actually /mnt/win_c. The path statements 
in my $HOME/.wine/config also refer to c:\\windows, not to \\win_c\\ 

> The programs opened seem to be marked "Stay-On-Top" - is this because
> I'm running them from XWine? Will this go away if I don't use XWine
> and do it straight from the destkop icons?

XWine doesn't really "do" anything at all. It just makes it easy for you 
to do things by providing a graphical interface.

I notice that Duane Clark answered that your programs stay on top 
because in your config "Managed" = "N" -- XWine has nothing to do with 
that. Either you or the config file you copied from changed that from 
the default which is "Y". In my config, "Managed" = "Y" and that's 
always been the case with or without XWine.

> I can't seem to find my printer, even though the printer settings are
> correct in my config.
> The windows program isn't seeing them. Any insight into either
> problem would be appreciated. :)

Duane mentioned installing CUPS. In addition, I also have "printer" = 
"on" in the [wine] section of config.


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