Problem in "Registry Installation"

deedee deedee at
Thu Oct 16 17:08:48 CDT 2003

On Saturday 11 October 2003 02:13 am, Thiru Kumaran wrote:
>       I got one problem while installing wine... While installing it
> gives error...  This is the error.... "Registry Installation
> failed"..... If any one of u know... please suggest me.... Even if u
> know that I can some idea from any other mail ID... Please suggest me
> the mail ID.....

I get an error that the registry installation failed whenever I install 
the registry using "regedit winedefault.reg" which is the only way I 
know how to do it. Check in your $HOME/.wine directory to see if it did 
actually fail. I get system.reg and user.reg files that are quite large 
plus a tiny userdef.reg, and winecheck passes them as all okay. As far 
as I can tell, the error message is a bug.

If they really aren't installing, there is a trick to get them to 
install which always works for me. Before running regedit, I change 
"SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys" in the [registry] section of $HOME/.wine/config to 
"N" (it defaults to "Y"). After running regedit and verifying that the 
three registers were created, I change "SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys" back to 
"Y" because I want Wine to write to its own registry, not to a real 
Windows registry.

> One more problem... While running wine it gives "Segmentation
> error".... Please suggest me this also..

No idea. Sorry.


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