Newby: Language CD install cant find drv.

Yuru Youhatsu agnot at
Sat Oct 18 18:02:03 CDT 2003

Wine is installed (Mandrake 9.2 rc2 / wine20030911.mdk.rpm). Drives are configured, seen, and used. Winecheck doesn't complain about anything important. Notepad works. Zipped win exes unzip perfectly. Progman has trouble remembering groups and items, though.

I have a couple of old Win language CDs I would like to use again, but my box no longer has the windy thing. 

Can wine run the autorun.inf on it ?

The install.exe program - with or without parameters, as in the autorun.inf - complains about not finding a thingy.drv, but it is there. Copying it to C:\windows (and ...system) didn't help. The language program, with parameters, merely segfaults. 

I am aware that this sort of call for help almost never gets any. But, please ?



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