"no server window available" & "cannot find windefs.h"

Monica Smith puddy2 at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 19 13:26:12 CDT 2003

I have successfully installed wine-20030911 on an HP 220 desktop running
mdk 9.1.3 exclusively (no Windows).  Notepad works fine.  However, I
have been unable to install either the Konica PCPS (photo editor) from
floppy, or the Konica Pictureshow from CD.  The files have transferred
successfully from the floppy to the /mnt/windows/ directory but when I
type setup.exe in a terminal, the installation halts with the message
that there is "no server window available."  It does this regardless of
which terminal (Konsole, X, or Konqueror) is used.  
I tried to configuring the program with winemaker.  However, there the
process ended with the message that it could not find the windefs.h
(Windows headers) file even though it was clearly in the path.  Copying
this file to a more immediate location (not so far down the path) didn't
I suspect that HPCompaq has modified mdk9.1 (which is why I specified
that it is identified as 9.1.3) for some purpose.  Does the most recent
version of Wine address the problem?  Are the two messages connected?


Monica Smith

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