wine user-friendliness

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Sun Oct 19 18:05:51 CDT 2003

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 Od: da Black Baron <dbaron13 at>  
 Data: 2003-10-19 00:25  
 Temat: Re: wine user-friendliness  
 > Why not put the commands in a shell script, and associate the  
 > with the file type?  
 > #! /bin/sh  
 > #  
 > wine winword $1  
In my home directory, I created a script  
and associated *.doc's with it.  
In that script, I got the following:  
#! /bin/sh  
wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Microsoft\ Office\\Office\\winword.exe $1  
After a double-click on a *.doc file in a konqi  
window, Winword launches and starts complaining  
about wrong name/path of the document.  
What's the problem?  

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