Font / toolbar problem in VB app

Rainer sourceforge at
Mon Oct 20 14:07:58 CDT 2003

Hi there,

I'm using Wine in order to migrate to Linux a government application used
here in Brazil. It will be used by hundreds of people around the country,
so I'm looking forward to accomplish this.

Anyway, this is a VB app, and I'm having some problems with the graphics:

* Font colors are incorrect in some areas (it should be blue, like in
Windows, but it shows up as a light green which makes it impossible to
* Toolbar icons only appear after clicking on them. Tooltips are OK.

Here are 2 screenshots, with the EXACT same screen in both Windows and
Wine (showing the problems I mentioned). Take a look at the font color and
the toolbar at the top. After clicking in all those "missing buttons", the
toolbar looks exactly like in Windows.

One last question: How can I change the dialog box backgrounds color to a
lighter grey (such as in Windows) ?

I've read the Wine documentation various times, and couldn't find any
reference to these problems.

PS: I'm using the latest Wine version.

Rainer Alves

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