Wrong USER.EXE and nothing working...

James role.wine at axoria.net
Tue Oct 21 06:39:02 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 20:23, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:

> >Do developers read this list enough to see the comments, or would I be
> >better-advised to ask on the developers list perhaps?

> Most developers only read wine-devel, but I agree with Duane, there
> must be some old files around. 

> Try using a file search tool (In KDE you can use kfind, just type
> alt+f2 and run kfind or start it from the KDE menu) and look for
> *.dll.so and *.exe.so, if there are any old files on your hard drive,
> you'll find them. Remember to perform the search in the root
> directory, so you scan all the hard drive.

No, I definitely searched thoroughly -- using command-line 'find' and
'locate' after re-running the slocate cron job to ensure DB was
up-to-date etc... Definitely nothing to do with old files lying around!

I'll keep on searching, and I'll re-post my original question with
additional subsequent comments / findings to wine-devel.

Thanks chaps!

Best regards,

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