openGL support missing..

Sebastian M ü sch sebastian at
Tue Oct 21 10:14:04 CDT 2003


> Wine-20031016.tar.gz  installed it and

Run the config script of the sources again:

"./configure | grep glext "

There should apear a line "checking for GL/glext.h... No". This tells you
that the config-script cannot find your glext Header file. Therefor OpenGL
will be disabled in wine. Use the config-script options to use the location
where this file is installed.

> noticed that the applications,
> ahem, halflife to be exact,

Here is some information ...
> is complaining that there is no OpenGL
> support.

> How would I go about adding OpenGL support to my setup?

Get GLX running ;-)

At last one hint: Use google


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