wine user-friendliness

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Tue Oct 21 07:29:00 CDT 2003

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Od:    da Black Baron <dbaron13 at> 
Data:  2003-10-21 02:39 
Temat: Re: wine user-friendliness 
> Did you get it working? 
well, not yet, though the fight has been long. 
There were many variants with the full path to 
the windows executable - with/without the 
quotation marks, then I tryed this with *.pdf's: 
wine start xyz.pdf 
as I was advised into the "command-line" or even 
wine start $1  
(or %1) into that beforementioned script, but with no 
result - acroread launches and says that the 
file does not exist(1), or doesn't start at all(2). 
So I still don't know precisely how the script should 
look like (sorry, I'm rather new to all this). 
Or is there another method? 
I really wouldn't like to use "ROS Explorer" -  
the integration with kde would surely be much worse, 
it wouldn't give me all this I got using konqueror. 

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