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Wed Oct 22 17:32:49 CDT 2003

On Tuesday 21 October 2003 14.29, olorin5 at wrote:
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> Data:  2003-10-21 02:39
> Temat: Re: wine user-friendliness
> > Did you get it working?
> well, not yet, though the fight has been long.
> There were many variants with the full path to
> the windows executable - with/without the
> quotation marks, then I tryed this with *.pdf's:
> putting
> wine start xyz.pdf

That should work. At least it works for me with:
$ wine start xyz.doc

The only reason the above would not work is that your current dir is not on a 
configured wine drive.
What does the
$ winepath -- -l xyz.pdf

What I do have problems with is to make 'wine start' work with absolute unix 
path names.
$ wine start /home/zsolt/munkau.doc
says that it does not understand option '/home/zsolt/munkau.doc'. That happens 
because start expects its options to start with '/' so it considers my full 
path as an option. I dont know what is the solution to this.

As a workaround I used the next command:
$ wine start `winepath -- -l /home/zsolt/munkau.doc`
Which does works, but can not be entered into KDE file associations (because 
it can not execute the `` construct).

So I have solved the issue by writing a simple script called 'winestart' with 
the next contents:
document=`winepath -- -l $1`
exec wine start.exe -- "$document"

After that putting 'winestart %F' into the KDE association does the trick.

So it work for me now :)
Does somebody know a simpler solution?
Or should a more sophisticated version of winestart be automatically installed 
by wine? (The only difference to 'wine start' would be that it would expect 
options starting with '-' and not '/' to make it unix compatible)


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