wine user-friendliness

Zsolt Rizsanyi rizsanyi at
Wed Oct 22 17:43:42 CDT 2003

On Thursday 23 October 2003 00.08, you wrote:
> Everything goes fine, there's
> just another small issue:
> How do you make it all
> start in case there are any spaces
> in the directory/file name?
> I encountered some problems.
> (e.g. I got some *.doc's in
> "/home/user/Moje dokumenty/")
> It may be my misconfigured wine,
> again..  :-[

No, its the problem in my script. It should be:
document=`winepath -- -l "$1"`
exec wine start.exe -- "$document"

The change is in the added quotes around $1.


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