Help Needed: Failed to run XVM Cellular Phone Emulator with Wine

Asaf Gery asafg at
Sun Oct 26 06:29:02 CST 2003

I develop Java games for cellular phones. Currently I am forced to 
develop on Windows due to the emulator which  only has a Windows 
version. It is called XVM and it is produces by a Korean firm named XCE.
It can be downloaded from the following URL:
I use the newer version (the first one on that page). It uses MSVCRT.DLL 
and MFC42.DLL acording to wine's debug messages. It starts running, and 
then complains that it can't load the skin XML file. The files are fine, 
available and readable, so I don't believe that the problem is with the 
files. I am using Gentoo Linux with kernel 2.4.20 (from Gentoo) and 
their latest version on wine (which according to its name is probably 
from 11-Sep-2003).
Any idea how can I make it run? It's the only thing preventing me from 
developing on Linux...
Thanks in advance,
Asaf Gery

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