Lotus Notes 5.09 which wine? Resolved

Aleksander Kujbida akujbida at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 08:25:02 CST 2003

Noted, Darren.
      Thanks for that. The compile option is interesting, I'll file that for 
next time.

Resolution: Do the install under wine until it stops, kill it. Mounted a 
Windows hdd, copied the Lotus dir, not overwriting that which got left 
behind by the killed installation, chown and chmod the new files to similar 
to those installed by wine, works fine. Very simple, but means I'm dependent 
on Gates still, oh well.

Very sincere thanks to all,

>From: darren.hennessy at advitech.com.au
>I have successfully install Lotus Notes v5.0.7 with Wine 20030408 on
>RedHat 9. The only catch was Wine needed to be compiled with the
>--with-nptl option. Without this the Notes install fails, can't write
>registry entries I think (from memory). I haven't tried any later versions
>of Wine or Notes at this point but this combination certainly works.
>--- Aleksander Kujbida <akujbida_at_hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >       Lotus Notes doesn't install anymore, now that
> > I up(?)graded to RH9
> > from RH8, and the latest wine. Can anyone tell me
> > which wines work for Notes
> > 5.09?

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