Unsubscribe fails

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Sep 2 10:55:15 CDT 2003

David Brown wrote:
> Hello, I am writing to anyone that is willing to read. I have been
> trying to get off this list for some weeks now. I have sent email
> messages to the admin but they are ignored. I cannot use the
> unsubscibe feature because it says I am not a user registered with
> the list. How then do I send this message? And, what accounts for all
> the wine mailing list mail messages I receive everyday? I have sent
> an email message to the admin explaining that I run my own smtpd so
> bouncing all the wine messages would be possible but is not the
> solution I seek. Please advise, David.

The email address dwbrown at webitplanet.com is not subscribed to this 
list. So please send (directly to me if you like) a list of other 
possible email addresses you might have used, or the FULL headers from 
an email sent to you by this list, and maybe I can figure it out from that.

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