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Matt Bailey mattb at
Wed Sep 3 01:26:58 CDT 2003

Well, I've got the old retail 5.x CD, I mainly use 5.66. The 6.x demo is also 
fully functional aside from the network thing (also noticed a few little 
graphics and audio bugs with, I think, both versions, but no showstoppers by 
any means).

I would caution you against 7.x.........for some reason Austin went to 
DirectInput for joystick support (perhaps for more axis and 
buttons)........doesn't work in WINE. :( Actually, X-Plane works amazingly 
well in WINE otherwise. I'm thinking of picking up a 6.x CD for cheap now 
that 7.x is out. Partly because of my slow computer, and partly because of 
the Linux thing (even once I upgrade, I'd like to do as much of my X-Plane 
stuff in Linux as possible). The multitasking and switching desktops etc in 
Linux is also really really nice for X-Plane, compared to doing stuff in 
Windows. It's nice to be able to go to a terminal and move files around, do 
calculations in Python, etc......then go back to the X desktop and have 
X-Plane 100% unaffected. :)

	-Matt Bailey

On Tuesday 02 September 2003 08:52 pm, you wrote:
> I like that explanation. Some things work, Others don't :-P.
> I have seen this too. I have another app that SHOULD grab the
> workstation's IP address, yet returns So, given this, it
> appears that Wine networking doesn't quite work like it should, Yet.
> Give it some time, I'm sure It will work eventually..
> BTW, What version of XPlane are you trying to use. I have the 6.x CD.
> Been thinking about getting the new 7.x CD, but don't have the $$$ yet
> :)...
> Joe
> On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 13:58, Duane Clark wrote:
> > Bob Lockie wrote:
> > > Should network connectivity work with wine assuming it works with
> > > Linux?
> >
> > Most things should work, but a few things don't.
> >
> > > Assuming I need to install the Windows driver for my network card, how
> > > do I do that with a non-native Windows install (just wine)?
> >
> > You can't use a Windows network driver with Wine. Either it works
> > immediately, or you are probably out of luck. Things like IE should
> > work, or for a very small, simple test app, try:
> >

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