Can I run LotusScript "shell" command under wine ?

BKirshte at BKirshte at
Fri Sep 5 10:15:05 CDT 2003

I guess now I know why - because my batch file should only have
"<path>/notepad.exe",  "wine" part is not needed.
The LotusScript "Shell" command puts  /usr/bin/wine  in front of my command
and as a result I get :
 /usr/bin/wine <path>/notepad.exe
Well, it is cool if I want to run something under wine, but I don't - I
want to run a linux process (pl, sh, etc.).
Will continue looking ...

Boris Kirshteyn
K-B Toys, Software Architect
(413) 496-3249
bkirshte at

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