trying to install java

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Sun Sep 7 06:23:23 CDT 2003

>have something to do with my mainboard :)
No, it had nothing to do with hardware or kernel, msi.dll is a microsoft dll
used to install msi packages (They are a bit like rpms, but not as good), they
all end with a .msi extension, but usually you get an exe that extracts the
msi.exe to a tmp directory, and asks the microsoft installer to install the
package. As the ms installer can' t decompress the file, it fails. msi.dll has
bean added to wine very recently, and even if a lot of programming has bean
done, it can' t be used yet to install software, so you should just wait for a
future release, when it starts working, you will probably read about it in the
wine weekly news. In the mean time, you can try a native msi.dll if you have a
windows license.

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