Sound Problem

Graham Watkins graham.gingecat at
Sun Sep 7 07:12:09 CDT 2003

Hi Y'all,

I have this little wine problem that I'm hoping someone out there will 
know how to solve.

I'm using wine to run IE5 which I need to do for the learndirect online 
course I am studying. It works pretty well when it works at all.

However, sometimes when I start it up,  I get a very loud rumbling sound 
which has me running to switch my hi-fi speakers off before the cones 
fly across the room.  Once this happens, the only way I know to stop it 
is to reboot the system. Bummer!

So can you tell me how to kill this process when it begins without 
rebooting, or better still, how to stop it occurring in the first place.
Is it possible to completely disable sound - which I don't need - in wine?

I'm using Codeweavers Wine 20020904 if that matters.

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