Visual FoxPro Installer: cannot copy to temp directory

deedee emrys943 at
Mon Sep 8 08:49:56 CDT 2003

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003 14:17:27 -0700 Paul McNett wrote:
> Setup was unable to copy the file E:\Program Files\Microsoft
> Visual FoxPro 8 to your temporary directory. Please make sure
> that this file exists and rerun setup.
> Wine has full access to my temp directory (it is in
> ~/wine/c/temp), and full access to the directory where setup is
> running from. 

On Mon,  8 Sep 2003 00:45:26 +0200 Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
> >Anyone have any ideas?
> Yes, if your wine installation and configuration are good, this is
> probably a wine bug.

I've not installed Visual FoxPro, however, I've gotten that message with 
other applications. It turned out that the problem wasn't access to the 
temp directory for wine/mswindows, but access to the temp directory for 
Linux. If you have a Linux directory like /tmp (not ~/tmp, but /tmp), 
you should check it for user permissions.

Locating the particular subdirectories that wine was using was easy 
using winecheck. It identified the exact ones that I didn't have 
permission to use as user. Once I fixed the permissions, I stopped 
receiving that message.

If you've compiled wine from source, run winecheck. It will identify 
directories you need access to. If you've already run winecheck and 
you're still getting the message, then Ivan is probably correct that 
it's a bug.

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