Can I execute a shell script from Wine ?

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Tue Sep 9 11:14:53 CDT 2003

Thanks !  It works - I was able to run it from Lotus Notes !
Double-click still did not work for me in winefile, but if I do File | Run
it works ...
Thanks Rein for the help !

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On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 09:09:12 -0400, you wrote:

> What I really want is - to trigger some Linux shell scripts, or PERL from
> Lotus Notes script "shell" command.
>       batchFile = "z:\usr\share\bin\test.bat"
>       If Dir$(batchFile) <> "" Then
>             taskId% = Shell(batchFile)
>       Else
>             Print batchFile & " not found."
>       End If
> (where test.bat has one line similar to this one - <perl_pgm_name>.pl

And is it really:
- a Linux shell script (first line is "#!/bin/sh, no CRLF line
separators )
- is it executable for you?

No messages on the terminal screen?

And the .bat extension might have side effects, to be at the safe side I
use .exe unless it is a DOS batch file.

> I've also tried  winefile (did not know it existed)

> - double click did not
> do it though ...

It should. For testing I creted a small script:
echo hello from Linux $0
and saved it in
then made it executable:
chmod +x
the I start winefile and double click the script. On the terminal screen
hello from Linux /home/rein/

Rein Klazes
rklazes at

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