Problems running Wine on RH 9

ismgr ismgr at
Mon Sep 15 08:18:39 CDT 2003

I just recently downloaded the rpm for RH 9 from SourceForge and installed it 
as best I could find docs. 

After installation, I have no idea how to get anything to run inside the Wine 

I looked over the docs on the website and then was trying different things, 

[chris at 4ulord chris]$ wine [option] program name (like notepad.exe or 

but I can't seem to get anything but errors trying to run apps in wine. 

I checked the permissions on the .wine directory and all seemed OK there, but 
if someone can point me to some docs for all that, I'd really appreciate it. 

The docs I found talked more about troubleshooting a compiled install instead 
of from the rpm. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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