Alpha Centauri runs fine but no fonts

Jung Ko jung at
Mon Sep 15 23:53:00 CDT 2003

If you have windows installed somewhere, perhaps you might want to try to 
use the windows fonts instead? Just take a look at your ~/.wine/config 
file on the [FontDirs] section.

Hope that helps...


On 15 Sep 2003, T'Eval wrote:

> Hello,
> Alpha Centauri runs fine on wine, no errors, even with warn all. Newest
> version of wine.
> Fast too, great work everyone, thanks. :)
> I have no clue about windows programming.. so can't help, but I like to
> run the games.
> It works, except it doesn't display any of the fonts, which makes it
> unplayable.
> Any idea how to make it show them?
> Thanks,
> Andrei Barbu
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