flash mx

electroteque daniel at electroteque.org
Wed Sep 17 12:03:46 CDT 2003

> mind you from a base rpm install the most the dll's in the system dir
> have a filesize of 0 i've had to copy them over from my xp machine. 
> That's normal, the wine dlls aren't in your fake windows installation, you can usually find them in /usr/lib, but this depend on the RPM you're using. It isn't a good idea to copy dlls from windows xp, for a start wine won't work well with xp dlls, and anyway it's a bad idea to have native dlls in the fake windows installation if you're using the builtin dlls. As the program needs some functions from ntdll.dll that aren't implemented in wine, for now you simply can't run the program. In the meantime, removing all those native dlls from your fake windows installation would be a good idea, as they can only create problems. The real wine dlls have names like advapi32.dll.so and are somewhere in /usr.

Thats not in the docs should they not be in the system dir ? like there
is a heap of dll files there but all have a 0 filesize i had to copy
over files to start making things work

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