AMTrix/XIB client and Wine

Scott Johnson sjohnson at
Sun Sep 21 19:54:57 CDT 2003

Hi All,

I work predominantly with two client-server systems: AMTrix and XIB (f.k.a
TSIB). They are middleware EAI applications, of which the server is cross
platform but the client (same client software for both - sister products) is
Windows only. It is about the only thing that is stopping me from making a
full switch to Linux. I've been trying (on and off) for a few months to get
it working under Wine on Mandrake 9 and more recently RedHat 9. Thought it
was time to actually seek some help...

I can get the app to start up, and I am able to initiate a connection to a
server (by entering IP Addr / Host name and Port into editboxes on a form)
and then the login form is displayed. Under Windows the login form is
presented with the standard Username and Password editboxes, and buttons OK
and Cancel.
Under Wine (200308?? [source build] and 20030911 [binary rpm] on RedHat 9)
only the buttons are present. The edit boxes appear to be drawn, but then
quickly disappear. This is as far as I can get.

I have used both builtin and native DLLs (as best as I can figure out are

My Problem: How do I move forward with troubleshooting this?

I am more interested in a Wine solution than Win4Lin or VMWare as I'd like
to move away from a Windows Licence (I am currently running my RedHat
installation as a VM guest on my XP machine as it is...).

Any help / assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Scott J

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