Do these apps work under WINE?

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Tue Sep 23 14:30:54 CDT 2003

hi everybody!

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 11:09:18AM -0700, Duane Clark wrote:
> Timothy Luoma wrote:
> I've tried WP7 and 10, and was not able to get either to work very well 
> under Wine. Though that was several months ago; perhaps things have 
> changed. So I would expect the same for WP9.

maybe you could use the tweaked wine-config corel used for their linux-port of 
wordperfect. it came with corel linux (now xandros). beside that, they had a 
tweaked wine which came with the gnu/linux version of corel draw. they don't 
provide it on their site any longer (they did in the past!), but you still can 
find it. for debian there are the corel linux packages on several mirrors. for 
redhat (i.e. rpm-based systems) they did not provide packages, but you could 
convert them by using 'alien -r'. last year i bought an old corel linux for EUR 
10,-- -- just ask at your local store.

if you don't like to use their version of wine, but a newer one you may exctract 
the wine.ini or config and change it. i guess it's gpl'ed, so if you don't find 
it i can mail it to you (or post it to the list). don't forget to change the 
path's as corel did install it's stuff to another place than wine usually does.

as you use the original wp it may be enough just to use the native dll's, but if 
not you could try a combination of the native windows dll's and corel's 
libraries (those that come with their wine). NOT TESTED YET! ;-)

<warning by corel>

NOTE: Word Perfect 8 is not "free." This procedure is for use by legal owners
of Corel Linux "deluxe" who have removed their Corel Linux
installation and want to salvage their copy of Word Perfect. Further
distribution either of the original Word Perfect 8.1 Debian packages or
the RPM packages produced by following this procedure is a violation of the
Corel license.

</warning by corel>

i am only using free (mainly copyleft) software on my pc and i can't tell you, 
wether the files mentioned below may be shared or not. maybe someone on the list 
knows, which binary/library can be used without purchasing and which one not?!
sometimes it's even legal to download the software from the corel (or an 
affiliated) site (or ftp-server), but not to share it with your friends.
however, _i_ guess, that the easiest thing would be just to install their proper 
wp-port(s) for linux ...

for debian based system look for:

or for the following if you are using
RedHat 7.0, 7.1
Mandrake 7.2, 8.0
Suse 7.1
Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4
Slackware v7.1
(and/or newer):

setupWPO2000.tar (goes into /usr/lib/corel/bin/)
this is a port of WordPerfect Office 2000

you may also try xwp8-linux.tar.gz

CorelPHOTOPAINT9LnxDEB.tar.gz contains all the needed deb-packages. however, it 
is almost 100 MB big and i don't know where you can find it.




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