Sending SETI units from SETI Driver

Holly Bostick motub at
Sat Sep 27 09:50:30 CDT 2003

Hey all.

OK, SETI Driver works fine under Wine, crunches units beautifully even 
while the native Linux client is also running.

But it won't send  any units-- I had to turn auto transmit off, and it 
won't send even if I try manually (though the program continues to run 
fine). I tried adding a proxy server, but that didn't seem to help-- 
though I'm not sure, as I don't get a console output showing me the 
progress of the transmit, even if I check "Display Transmit" in SETI 
Driver (thus it doesn't magically open wineconsole or something :-( ).

I assume that the problem is that Wine doesn't know how to find my LAN 
Internet connection, but I don't know how to tell it what to do.

Can anyone help? If you think it's annoying having to boot into Windows 
solely to play a game, imagine how annoying it is to have to boot into 
Windows solely to spend 30 seconds uploading SETI units for your 
boyfriend.... ;-)



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