Trouble with Skype

Hesham Wahba hesham at
Tue Apr 13 17:10:58 CDT 2004

  I've managed to get Skype running under Debian with the latest Debian 
release of wine.  The sound is perfect, and there are no connection problems, 
but I noticed the following:
	1) Sound from my microphone disappears ONLY when I start some other 
application or switch to another application.  I can only vouch for this in 
KDE, and it happens whenever anything accesses the soundcard, so xmms, 
Mozilla Firefox (plugins), gaim, etc... are all out.  Oddly enough even 
starting konsole stopped the transmision of sound from my microphone as well.
	2) Menus are inaccessible though visible.
	3) Buttons are slightly obscured, possibly by bad drawing algorithm on their 
end, or bad assumptions or calculations of tab sizes in Windows XP programs.
	4) I can get the program to crash just by using the send-text message option 
a particular user.
Overall the application works great, and if these seemingly minor issues can 
be worked out, this would be an excellent application to showcase the power 
of wine, and it will also bring a rather popular voice communication tool to 
Linux users.  I hope to receive some kind of response, and would like to 
offer my assistance in testing debugging whatever needs to be done.  The 
program is free, and can be downloaded from


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