Problems with Autoroute Express 2003

Robert Jung syvox at
Mon Apr 19 06:39:04 CDT 2004


I have to report good and bad news:-)

The installation finally worked (installed wine again, copied the failing
DLLs for Autoroute, used som from my Office XP:-) and finally.... finally
the installation continues without any problems:-)

----- But I cheered to soon:-)
It seems, that Autoroute uses some kind of Display Routines for the map,
which Wine can't realy translate in realtime. If I open Autoroute, it needs
about 10 Minutes to start, and then the map has ugly colors, and if I click
on any button again I have to wait about 10 minutes.... but perhaps in some
time and with some tweaking I get this thing running:-)

Thankx for all your help... I try to keep u updated if I get any hint why
autroute is not working (perhaps some switches in the configuration file)


Roger wrote:
> Please forgive me if I appear dense but I am unclear from your
> messages if you actually dowloaded the InstMsiA.exe (ver 2.0) from
> the MS website, installed it under wine and if the installation went
> successfully.  If in doubt, check your fake windows dir for the
> 'Installer' sub dir containing 16 files, 12 of which go to the
> 'System' dir.  This is usally required prior to using most app
> setup.exe.  If I have misunderstood, please inform --- otherwise,
> Ivan's URL have a lot of good info.  Good luck.
> Roger
>> The Problem is, MS Autoroute has no real MSI File on CD (the
>> Installationsfiles are scattered around different directorys, not
>> bundled in a MSI File)
>> If I run the SETUP.EXE it just says that it installs MSInstaller
>> because the system needs to be updatet. But everytime I try
>> Setup.exe again...the same problem.:-)
>> And it seems, that there is no problem with some DLLs
>> no Message in the Wine-Console, no missing DLL oder APIs.
>> Believe me. If I could easily install this bloody thing, I would
>> have done it:-)
>> Robert
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>> Subject: Re: Problems with Autoroute Express 2003
>>> With respect to install issues, as a general rule, I start with a
>>> fresh, known functional wine install (latest version usually) with
>>> a fake win dir. Then I install msi (InstalMsiA.exe) and then
>>> install the application of interest.  It usually works thru
>>> install.  App functionality will based on watching wine(dbg)
>>> feedback in a console to find out if native or builtin dll's are
>>> best (somewhat trial and error) and if any API's are called that
>>> are not yet fully implemented.
>>> Hope this helps
>>> Roger
>>>> Hello
>>>> Sorry for sending this mail to maillinglist and newsgroup, but I
>>>> want be shure, that as much as possible wine-users are reading
>>>> this an perhaps
>>>> someone has a clou for me.
>>>> I am very new to wine, but tried nearly everything to get MS
>>>> Autroute Express 2003 to run.
>>>> (I need this Program for work, have to drive much and afaik it is
>>>> the only map program, which can zoom to city maps for even for
>>>> the smallest villages.
>>>> First I tried to install the program with wine (wine setup.exe)
>>>> but it didn't work, some mysterious errormessage and quit.
>>>> Then I copied the installed folder from a windows-computer to my
>>>> notebook(of course into my virtual c drive) and tried again hmmm
>>>> now i got the errormessage from wine, that some dlls where missing.
>>>> No problem, I thought. copied the DLLs to the right folder,
>>>> changed the path in the wincfg and FINALY.........
>>>> It didn't work:-)
>>>> Now I got the errormessage (a WindowsMSG Box ), that the program
>>>> was not correctly installed, so the registry entrys were missing.
>>>> I copied every registry key, which had something to do with
>>>> autoroute, from the WindowsPC, and tried again...
>>>> And again... the thing won't work... But no DLLs were missing, no
>>>> wine error... simply this message...
>>>> Has someone a clou, how I can get rid of this?
>>>> THX
>>>> Robert
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