Wine Fun:Lotus Sometime, Office 2003, IBM eConfig

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Apr 19 14:37:42 CDT 2004

> 1)Lotus Sametime ->no current Linux port. I can get the application
> started but it hangs (errors below). Fun fact... it only works Sometime
> (server issues) in Windows so this should be fun.
I strongly advise you get it working OK on win before you attempt to run it on
wine, or you risk wasting lots of time on this.
> 2) MS Office 2003 ->required for some Exchange 2003 filters and features
> for common mailbox rules. Outlook is all I really care about :>)
I don't think you'll get office 2k3 running on wine. It uses lots of XP/win2k3
only features, that aren't implemented in wine. Codeweavers will probably
implement those functions for their crossover office suite, this should allow it
to run on wine with a few config tweaks.
> 3) IBM eConfig
Have no idea, look at
Some people have reported that lotus works well on wine-20031212, but not with
the 2004 releases. I you find this to be true, please find the patch that caused
the problem. To do this follow the instructions at


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