SaravanaKumar tuxkumar at
Tue Apr 20 12:04:55 CDT 2004

Duane Clark wrote:
> I would suggest that you stick to the older version of Wine for a bit. 
> Wine is currently undergoing some rather significant changes that have 
> introduced instabilities in some programs. The usual pattern after changes 
 > like those going on now is that things
> will soon return to normal as the bugs introduced by restructuring are 
> slowing sorted out.
Thanx. but users here complain that wine is slow. Any way i will try to 
stick to the old version(2003122).But may be i need to buy some windooz 
for the unpatient here.


Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely
unintentional side effect.

                         --- Linus Torvalds


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