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Fri Apr 23 01:19:41 CDT 2004

I'm not sure about the stable and the testing release, but wine 2004 is
much more stable than before, and something like
font aliasing and other registry works fine too ...
i use it to run Lotus Notes 5.02 client, and it just fine, but the launch
feature still not working, i guess wine can't use the outside
wine application to run the inside application.
i define in outside and inside application because I think it  was 2
different way to look at it, but the clipboard works good, and
still have a lot of format type didnt works.



SaravanaKumar wrote:

>> ...
Thanx. but users here complain that wine is slow. Any way i will try to
stick to the old version(2003122).But may be i need to buy some windooz
for the unpatient here.

> SK
Just for the record, I have been running mainly Office, Visio and Notes
on Wine for a fair while now, and also have a Windows 2000 install that
I dual-boot to occasionally. I haven't noticed any difference in
performance between Wine and Windows. Wine is more stable. The apps
still crash occasionally but they don't take the OS with them.

The only problem I've experienced with Wine is compatibility. Office 97
runs fine but I haven't been able to get a later version to work.

Maybe the Wine developers need to classify releases as "stable" or
"testing" and maintain a link on their home page saying which release is
the latest for each of these categories:

Latest stable release: 20031212
Latest testing release: 2004whatever

Although they'll say that all releases are 'testing' because it's still
'pre-release software', there are many people using it in production and
going through the upgrade/test/downgrade cycle everytime a new release
comes out.

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