Morrowind Problem

miguel razielukain at
Tue Apr 27 11:44:31 CDT 2004


I've just installed Morrowind to a win98SE system them copyed the game 
files to my wine fake_partition and tryed to run it .... and i get the 
following error/warning messages

fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetIdeInterface CD-ROM device with major ID 11 not 
fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout Your keyboard layout was not 
Using closest match instead (Portuguese keyboard layout) for scancode 
Please define your layout in windows/x11drv/keyboard.c and submit them
to us for inclusion into future Wine releases.
See the Wine User Guide, chapter "Keyboard" for more information.
fixme:dialog:MSGBOX_OnInit system modal msgbox ! Not modal yet.
fixme:dialog:MSGBOX_OnInit system modal msgbox ! Not modal yet.

Then I got a pop up window that says

Render Creation Error : "Creation failed : Could not match desired 
fullscreen mode .
 and after i click "OK" (the only button available) e get this aditional 
fixme:xrender:X11DRV_XRender_Finalize Free cached glyphsets

In my little experience with wine (nearly two weeks) i think the problem 
is related to the rendering pf the scenes and  so i tried to change 
between the different window mode versions without sucess ; always the 
same error box message ...

Im able to run Warcraft and Frozen Throne easily but i dont know what i 
could do in this problem ...

Any tips / hints ??

Thanks in advance.


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