[Wine] NSIS script

Ronald look at reply.to
Mon Aug 2 15:07:20 CDT 2004


I'm using makensis from NSIS under wine to do some packaging
I've had no problems until yesterday when I wanted to add shortcut
creation to my script.
The start menu\programs path is avaible through a variable SMPROGRAMS,
this work under windows (tested 98 & XP), not under wine.
Anyway the installer builds correctly, this problem occurs only when
installing/uninstalling the created package.

In NSIS source: 
build.cpp:  m_ShellConstants.add("SMPROGRAMS",CSIDL_PROGRAMS,

I'm using wine 20040716, wine.inf is from wine 20040615.
Could this be related to my wine install (registry perhaps?) or a
missing feature?

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