[Wine]Re: Is anyone using X.org instead of XFree86 implementation of X Windows?

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at inwind.it
Mon Aug 2 18:06:44 CDT 2004

>I tried downloading and installing Wine-20040716-i686-S10nodebug.tgz ...
>I get the same as before. I'm assuming it is not necessary to restart X if I
have all the WINE applications closed.
>Specifically when I click File -> Save and use the drop down box to select a
drive it has no drives listed. I'll tinker some 
> with it tonight. I just had a few minutes on my break.
You'll have to create some drives, just link $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/y: to $HOME
and you'll have a Y: driver that corrispnds to your home dir. You can do the
same for all drivers.


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