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Michael Chang michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Tue Aug 3 16:32:58 CDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 12:14:20AM +0300, Kovacs Alpar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a fedora core 1 linux box and a 20040505 version of wine source and I trie to build my binaries
> I run configure --disable-debug --disable-trace in the source tree, and make depend make make install. The installed binaries is over 180MB.

Is this supposed to be surprising?  Compiling sources almost always
takes up large amounts of room.  And double check disabling those
doesn't actually increase the binaries' sizes.

> It seems to be too beg for me. In the same version of binaries downloaded from winehq this installed binaries is arround 40 MB (unfortunately I can't use them becouse I get segfault error)

Hmm... maybe c library incompatabilities?  It could also be caused by
your compiler's attempt at optimizing the code for your CPU and/or any
special features it may have... a tendency which I have seen sometimes
causes extremely large compiled binaries and even compiler hangs on
certain code.

BTW, can you give more info about what you're using to compile, i.e. gcc
version, etc.  And maybe consider asking wine-devel instead of
wine-users.  I think they might be able to help more.

> What is my mistake?????????

180 MBs for the binaries... maybe you're counting wrong?  Don't forget
the size of the binaries in the local dirs before installation, as well
as the installed binaries, any temp files, and the original source code
take up space during compile... and not all of the above mentioned
remove themselves after install (they're usually subdirs in the source
directory on which the build was initiated; you can watch the source
tree grow during the build) but can be removed in one fall swoop if you
remove or clean the source tree.

I do recall that some versions of Red Hat used unofficial versions of
"gcc" - patched CVS junk, double check that this isn't an issue.  You
might also want to try considering building RPMs and from the source and
then installing the RPMS instead of installing directly, if that's not
what you're doing already.  I know that I rarely have such issues
building .deb packages on my machine.

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I hope what I've said helps, and I apologize if it was just a waste of
time.  Good luck.

-Michael Chang

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