Michael Chang michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Tue Aug 3 16:51:28 CDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 10:24:53AM -0400, Donald Duquet wrote:
> I did apt-get install wine and learned that I had the latest wine 
> already installed on my Lindows 4.5 OS.
> When I attempt to open a file I get this error message:
> wine: could not exec /usr/bin/wine.bin-kthread
> I looked in my usr bin and found /usr/bin/wine-kthread but no 
> /wine.bin-kthread.
> Are these files the same? Would a simple rename operation solve the problem?

Chances are, a rename wouldn't solve the problem - it might break wine. 
However, I believe you're perfectly allowed to try creating a link of
some sort (symbolic or otherwise) -- that might help.  Is your
wine-kthread chmodded to be executable by you?  Oh, and btw, the leading
slash before 'wine.bin-kthread' confused me a bit... not sure about the
other users though.

> What I'm attempting to do is install the software that came with my 
> Hauppauge 350 PVR card.

Hmm... are you referring to a driver, or a program to work with the data
recieved from the PVR?  Either way, you *would* have to worry about how
the PVR will be interpreted through both Lindows and then through
Wine... something you may want to think about.  Good luck though, and
hope that your hardware and software co-operate through Lindows.

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